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Self-Publishing Services

Expert Guidance and Support

Self-publishing has undergone a revolution in recent years to become an affordable, convenient and respected option for writers.  The growth in this form of publishing is largely due to the availability of publishing software programs and the ever-expanding use of digital and internet technologies. Publishing books in the 21st century has been democratised and is available to all writers, not just the few.

What books can be self-published?

The majority of books can be self-published.  As the author, you have control over your publishing project from the creation of the work through the production processes to the end product, your own publication. Unlike commercial (also known as traditional or trade) publishers, there are no barriers or gatekeepers to block your entry to becoming a published author. 

Advantages of Self-Publishing:

  • You, the author, control the project and make all the decisions

  • You undertake the copy editing and proofreading (or outsource them)

  • You choose the interior design and cover design

Limitations of Self-Publishing:

  • Having to find out everything and do everything yourself

  • Gaining widespread distribution to retail channels 

  • Planning and undertaking marketing and promotion activities

Clarifying Your Publishing Goals and Expectations

  • Are you hoping to sell large quantities of your book?

  • Are you seeking the satisfaction of seeing your writing in print?

  • Will you use your book to build your brand and promote your business?

  • Do you wish to create a personal or family legacy?

Self-Publishing with LLOYD MOSS publishing

  • You retain control of the project while having professional  assistance

  • Provision of editing and publishing services, as required

  • You take the uncertainty and stress out of it

  • Time-effective, allowing you to keep on with your writing

  • Cost-effective as we offer reasonable rates and a firm quotation

What are the Steps to Self-Publishing with LLOYD MOSS publishing?

Step 1:  We consult with you and identify your specific needs 

Step 2:  We examine and assess your manuscript's condition and readiness for publication 

Step 3:  We provide you with a firm quotation for services and an estimated completion date

Step 4:  Once our quotation is accepted and a 20% deposit is paid, we commence our services, liaising and consulting with you on a regular basis

Step 5:  A proof copy of your book is produced for final checking, any alterations and your approval

Step 6:  Your book is published! Let's celebrate!

Get in touch with LLOYD MOSS publishing on the form below.  Tell us a bit about your writing and where you are up to with it. We promise to get back to you promptly.

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