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What Clients Say

Read What Our Clients Are Saying

At Lloyd Moss Publishing, we have been privileged to provide author services to many talented writers. Editing tops the list of the services requested by our clients, followed by self-publishing. You may be interested in perusing our clients' feedback.

What Clients Say: Testimonials

"I knew that I needed an editor for my book , but finding a good editor is not easy. Fortunately, I found Lynne. The relationship between an editor and a writer is predominately one of trust, after all you are allowing them to work on your “baby”, something you have put hundreds of hours work and thought into.

Lynne provided a very professional  service,  she was responsive , attentive and provided much added value other than to just edit a book. She was always available for comment and discussion and in my view went the extra mile to help me understand the industry and the options for publishing.

She is a very good communicator and her commentary, report  and ideas for my book were very useful."

Bill Cuneo, Science Fiction Epic Author

"Lynne provided me with more than an editing service. She was prompt, truthful, supportive, and encouraging throughout the whole process. She graced my work by immersing herself in the story, thereby providing feedback which led to a better manuscript. Never interfering with my ‘voice’ in the work, she nevertheless shone a light on ways to improve it. Generous with her time, she helped me to step through the editing process smoothly. Thank you so much Lynne."

Pamela Morrison, Biography Author

“I have been very happy with Lynne’s editing services on my memoir, “It Happened in the Seventies.” Lynne worked collaboratively on various aspects of the book including making structural changes, language choices, consistency of names and events, improving the flow of the narrative and reducing the word count. She is candid, yet tactful, in her feedback and advice. Lynne has provided her expertise in answering my queries about the processes of editing and self-publishing. She has exceeded my expectations and gone beyond her remit in, for example, advising on and assisting with my drafts of the back cover ‘blurb.’

Lynne’s editing services and advice are excellent in every respect. I have no hesitation in highly recommending the services of Lloyd Moss Publishing.”

Dieter Luske, Memoir Author

"Lynne is easy to talk to, she a great listener without being a pushover. She gives suggestions and it’s up to you whether you take her advice. There were a couple of times I doubted her and I asked my friend who is a very experienced HSC  English teacher in Sydney. He said not only was she a great editor, but she knew things that very few people in the field did. She was right every single time.

She has gone over and above to help me, always on the end of the phone when I need her. My manuscript has turned from an ugly duckling with a rough diamond in its beak to a graceful swan ready to spread its wings on the lake of publication."

S.J. Ratcliffe, Christian Historical Fiction Author

"I had no prior knowledge of Lynne’s editorial skill, or the quality of her service, when I asked her to edit my manuscript. I was not to be disappointed.

Lynne walked through the manuscript with me offering helpful suggestions and encouragement. The end product was a better written piece of work and an improved storyline.

Lynne is a natural communicator and a good listener. Her technical skills are excellent as is her knowledge of the writing and publishing industry. I would gladly recommend Lynne to any aspiring writer."

Brian Gillan, Australian Crime Author

"In the past six months I have used the services of Lloyd Moss Publishers twice. The first was for a book of short stories, and the second a novel. I thoroughly recommend them as I found their expertise in each step of the process commendable. My books were published in a timely manner. I appreciated their advice, eye catching covers to choose from, pleasing format, efficient editing, and willingness to consult and include me along the publishing pathway. Their professional approach made publishing my books memorable."

June Hopkins, Fiction Author

"Lynne was an absolute pleasure to deal with in regard to the initial editing on my novel. She was thorough and concise and made a lot of sense with her editing suggestions. It is so important to have your work looked at by a competent and fresh pair of eyes. An author can become too involved in a manuscript and in doing so not see some obvious improvements. I certainly thoroughly recommend Lynne  for her editing work . She is prompt in her replies and a delight to work with."

Baden J. Scholefield, Historical Fiction Author

"I recently wrote a book depicting the life of a prominent historical Australian figure. Although I regard myself as a competent writer, I realised that no matter how many times one reads their own work, some errors evade scrutiny. I therefore thought it prudent to engage an expert to edit my manuscript.

I was referred to Lynne Lloyd of Lloyd Moss Publishing to undertake this mission. Lynne Lloyd has an exemplary ability not only to seek out common errors including spelling, grammar, word meanings and word overuse but she also looks inside the story and suggests changes to emphasise an important point or improve the way the story reads. In one instance, she advised me to provide more detail to enhance an important aspect of the protagonist’s character.

I advise all writers to consider using an editor and highly recommend Lynne at Lloyd Moss Publishing for a prompt, courteous and professional appraisal of your work."

Robert Wyllie, Australian History Author

"I met Lynne through the local Writers meetings where, after my tentative and nervous request, she reviewed my long-time writing efforts of my unpublished novel about a global family dynasty.

After the first reading and with her encouraging comments at a face-to-face consultation, I followed Lynne's suggestions for greater character development and plot consistency and an editing of unnecessary ramblings. After making the suggested improvements, Lynne proofread the second version of my novel.

I enjoyed the hours working with Lynne as she critiqued and offered constructive editing. I may not have thought so at the time, but strong editing was necessary for a better production and Lynne' practical guidance gave me the courage to fulfil my dream to become a published author. Thank you Lynne."

J.A. Edgeworth, Fiction Author

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