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Lynne Lloyd

Managing Editor and Publisher

I have always loved books.  Growing up, no matter the occasion, I would have my head buried in a book or a comic (annoying my Mum no end!). 

Eventually I went to University and studied some of the great works of literature including of course the wonderful Mr W. Shakespeare.

I love storytelling but I am even more inclined towards fine writing, the kind that lights you up inside and gives you joy.  

My career took me into the world of educational publishing for ten years which was full of variety, challenges and achievements.  My role was in sales and marketing but I also had responsibility for signing new authors and new texts. 

Subsequently, I held leadership positions in two HR consulting firms.  In 2008, I wrote and self-published my first book entitled 'Personal Best Selling'. It was written to demonstrate my knowledge and expertise in the field.  

During the lock-down days in 2020-2021, I undertook a writing and self-publishing project which led to my establishing LLOYD MOSS publishing.  I am currently engaged in editing and self-publishing two more books, one is about the Australian explorer, Ludwig Leichhardt, and the other is a collection of short stories.  

That is quite enough talk about me!  Using the form below, drop me a few lines about you and your writing.  If you have comments or questions about writing, editing or self-publishing, do ask.  (Asking doesn't cost anything and there's no obligation.)

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