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At LLOYD MOSS publishing, we take on a variety of projects in book editing and publishing. It keeps us on our toes! We are flexible to your specific needs and customise our services to suit you. In some projects, we provide manuscript assessments and/or editing services whilst in others we provide the complete package of copyediting, proofreading and self-publishing. Even if we are not directly involved in publishing a client's book, we tend to stick around and be involved and available to answer any questions and provide advice. 


Whatever your writing goals, we will help you achieve them. Do you need more information about the processes, or perhaps you ready to explore the options for your manuscript? 

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Addiction Ripples-Ebook cover (6).jpg
'Addiction Ripples'

Author ~ Janet Paine

Edited & Published by Lloyd Moss Publishing

A powerful memoir told with searing honesty about the devastating impacts of drug

addiction which ripple through the generations of a family. 

 A mother's extraordinary strength and determination never to give up on her child.

Validating and uplifting for parents of addicts.

Published 21st May 2024 

231 pages

Available in paperback and e-book.

'The Tapestry'
The Stones of Wrath Trilogy ~ Book 1

Author ~ S.J. Ratcliffe

Edited by Lloyd Moss Publishing

A royal tapestry, a kidnapped child, a 3,000-year-old relic.

All the elements of action, adventure, mystery and love come together in a fascinating quest spanning continents at war. 

A great cast of characters engaged in the eternal battle between good and evil.  

Imaginative and beautifully written, 'The Tapestry' is the first book in a Trilogy. 

Published 23rd April 2024 

326 pages

Available in paperback and e-book.

'When All The Birds Sing'

Author ~ Suzie Peace Pybus

Edited and Published by Lloyd Moss Publishing

Crayfish Cove, 1975 – a tranquil Tasmanian fishing town where doors are left unlocked and kids roam free.
On a lonely road, a young girl meets a man with wild hair and a woodsmoke smell. He invites her to join a band of local children building a treehouse on his bush property. Lily is soon smitten with Harry, who spins stories, whistles like the birds and can swing a billy can without spilling a drop.
Kids adore him, parents trust him. Until a child vanishes…


Published 8 March 2024 


Available in paperback and e-book.

Witch-Fairy Madness cover.jpg
'Witch-Fairy Madness'
A Magical Midlife

Author Linda Pratt

Edited and Published by LLOYD MOSS PUBLISHING

My name is Sage Maguire. I'm a middle aged (Is 49 even considered middle aged?) widowed woman. I thought I had a busy life before but since finding out I'm a witch-fairy hybrid it has been crazy. 

My BFF Chrissy has joined me on this crazy witchy journey. My cat Solomon (he's my 'familiar') and my Aunt Mim have been helping me navigate through all this Witch-Fairy Madness. 

Published 2 March 2024 

335 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book.

'Looking for Marta'

Author Nada Telarevic

Edited by Lloyd Moss Publishing

A three-year old little girl, Marta, disappears without a trace in the chaos of war and the German withdrawal from her town in the spring of 1945. 

Fifty-seven years later, Marta's cousin Vesna is determined to solve the mystery of her fate. We learn about the lives of Vesna and Marta through alternating chapters and come to admire their strength, resilience and capacity for love. The author keeps the suspense on a high setting. Will the search for Marta end sadly or happily? Finally, all is revealed but not before another shocking secret comes to light.

Published December 2023. 

419 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book.

'Jesus Can't Drive' 

Author Ray Doherty
Edited and Published by Lloyd Moss Publishing

A road trip across the continent from Sydney to Perth. What could go wrong for widower Dr Ken Burton? How about everything? In the outback borderlands of South Australia, life jumps up and grabs Ken by the throat. His nightmarish dreams come to life in front of his eyes. No one is who they appear to be; nothing can be believed or disbelieved.
In a series of wild, paranormal incidents, Ken is thrown head first into a fight for his life and his sanity. ‘Jesus Can’t Drive’ is a paranormal battle between the forces of good and evil. The prize is the total possession of one man’s soul. 


Published 9 November 2023. 

284 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book.


Caged In cover.jpg
'Caged In'  ~ Book One

Author E.P. Writer
Edited by Lloyd Moss Publishing

Explosive.....Gut-wrenching.....You can't look away. 

Reading 'Caged In' is like stuffing your head with TNT and lighting the fuse. It will take you to the edge but you can't stop reading it. You are gripped by  the author's creation of the claustrophobic interior of a male prison. Inside the cage there are violent predators who form gangs and battle each other for supremacy. You meet Sinn'ous, a loner serial killer who is the prison's most feared inmate. Jasper Marcelo is the rookie prisoner, his first time inside.  He's a young smart-arse, a fun-loving guy. He is the fresh meat and it's always feeding time at the prison zoo. 

5 Star Reviews on Amazon

Published December 2023. 

419 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book.

Luske-Chaos in Brainland cover.jpg
'Chaos in Brainland'

A Guide for Creating a Stress and

Anxiety Free Zone 

Author ~ Dieter Luske
Edited by Lloyd Moss Publishing

Not only one approach but many tried-and-tested approaches to sweeping away the joy-sapping symptoms of stress and anxiety in our lives. Dieter has pooled his knowledge and practical techniques gained from his professional experience as a holistic counsellor for over 20 years. 

Contains a whole raft of practical methods to reduce stress and anxiety and clear instructions on how to apply them. 

Published 20th October 2023 

248 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book 

Michelle Ellen Spencer

Copyedited and Published by LLOYD MOSS PUBLISHING

A mesmerising tale of Pia, the first-born daughter in a poor family of sea folk. Pia gathers stories from all around her until her net is full. She must find a way to live with her stories and be free to live her own life.

Features the author's exquisite illustrations throughout. 

Published 4th October 2023 

87 pages 

Available in paperback.

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Zajac - Sheila front cover_edited.jpg
by Pamela Morrison

A Biography


Born on the wrong side of the sheets in the dead of a bitter Scottish night, a tiny baby is abandoned on a cold doorstep. 

  • Who is she?

  • Why was she abandoned?

  • What would her destiny be?

Sheila has huge odds against her from the beginning. Her childhood is blighted by sadistic beatings at the hands of her father. In her early teens, her father's abuse becomes sexual. 

Told with unflinching honesty, 'Sheila' is wonderfully uplifting. You will never forget Sheila's story. 

Published 2nd April 2023 

316 pages 

Available in paperback.


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'It Happened in the Seventies'
Dieter Luske

A Memoir of Love, Colliding Worlds and a House on a Hill



At only twenty-one, Dieter started his own thriving business and lived the good life in Hamburg, Germany. By the age of twenty-four, he knew something was missing: there must be more to life than earning a living and he wanted to find it in Australia as a quest for all things vital: health, love, creativity, meaning, purpose and independence.

Arriving in Sydney in 1974, Dieter and his girlfriend Giselle lived, worked and explored Australia in their yellow panel van for two and a half years, discovering themselves and their unpredictable future. 

Published 11th February 2023

302 pages 

Available in paperback, hardback and e-book


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The Peace Rose ebook cover.jpg
'The Peace Rose'
June Hopkins

A Novel

Copyedited and Published by LLOYD MOSS publishing

“The Peace Rose” takes us into the dark night of a woman who commits a shocking crime which reverberates across three generations, Three women are linked forever: Marilyn who is carrying deep wounds from her childhood, Suzie who suffers a devastating loss and Shondrae who struggles to find her place in the world.
In this riveting novel, the themes of love and loss are intertwined. But love cannot breathe when there are secrets buried, lies being told and deception practised. Wounded people wound others which is what happens in “The Peace Rose,” as Marilyn craves love as much as she pushes love away..
What is Marilyn’s secret? Will she be able to keep her secret from her husband, her sister and her daughter? Does ‘the peace rose’ offer them healing? Find out the answers in the enthralling family drama of “The Peace Rose.”

Published 23 August 2022

379 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book


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