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Recent Projects

It is very rewarding to see our clients achieve their goal of becoming a published author. Generally it does not happen overnight, but when it does happen it is all the more satisfying. Opening the package you know contains your published book, you take it out and stare at it as if you cannot believe it is real. While E-books are essential in our digital, interconnected world, there is something special about the shape, weight and smell of an actual book.

At LLOYD MOSS publishing, we take on a variety of projects, genres and needs. It keeps us on our toes! In some projects, we provide editing services only whilst in others we provide the complete package of editing and self-publishing. Even if we are not directly involved in publishing our client's book, we tend to stick around and continue to be involved and available to answer any questions and provide advice, as needed. 

Our current work in progress includes:

  • Having completed the copyediting of the first book in a historical fiction trilogy, now moving on to copyediting the second book as well as helping our client prepare submissions to agents and publishers. 

  • Editing and arranging publication of a lyrical folk tale with the most exquisite drawings by the author/illustrator. 

  • Copyediting a novel set in a men's prison with a protagonist trying to survive the violent gangs and predatory inmates. 

  • Editing and preparing a non-fiction book for publication on the topic of on eating for health and vitality for a naturopath client.

  • Developmental and copyediting a 60,000 word manuscript of the author's first novel in the genre of science fiction. 

Listed hereunder are brief descriptions of some of our recent projects.

Contact Lynne at LLOYD MOSS publishing to discuss the possibilities for your writing. Click the button below.

Zajac - Sheila front cover.jpg

by Pamela Morrison

A Biography

Copyedited by LLOYD MOSS publishing

Born on the wrong side of the sheets in the dead of a bitter Scottish night, a tiny baby is later abandoned on a cold doorstep. 

  • Who is she?

  • Why was she abandoned?

  • What would her destiny be?

Sheila has huge odds against her from the beginning. Her childhood is blighted by sadistic beatings at the hands of her father. In her early teens, her father's abuse becomes sexual. 

Told with unflinching honesty, 'Sheila' is wonderfully uplifting. You will never forget Sheila's story. 

Published 2nd April 2023 

316 pages 

Available in paperback.

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Book cover large_edited_edited.jpg

'It Happened in the Seventies' by Dieter Luske

A Memoir of Love, Colliding Worlds and a House on a Hill

Copyedited by LLOYD MOSS publishing

At only twenty-one, Dieter started his own thriving business and lived the good life in Hamburg, Germany. By the age of twenty-four, he knew something was missing: there must be more to life than earning a living and he wanted to find it in Australia as a quest for all things vital: health, love, creativity, meaning, purpose and independence.

Arriving in Sydney in 1974, Dieter and his girlfriend Giselle lived, worked and explored Australia in their yellow panel van for two and a half years, discovering themselves and their unpredictable future. 

Published 11th February 2023

302 pages 

Available in paperback, hardback and e-book

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The Peace Rose ebook cover.jpg

'The Peace Rose'
by June Hopkins

A Novel

Copyedited and Published by LLOYD MOSS publishing

“The Peace Rose” takes us into the dark night of a woman who commits a shocking crime which reverberates across three generations, Three women are linked forever: Marilyn who is carrying deep wounds from her childhood, Suzie who suffers a devastating loss and Shondrae who struggles to find her place in the world.

In this riveting novel, the themes of love and loss are intertwined. But love cannot breathe when there are secrets buried, lies being told and deception practised. Wounded people wound others which is what happens in “The Peace Rose,” as Marilyn craves love as much as she pushes love away..

What is Marilyn’s secret? Will she be able to keep her secret from her husband, her sister and her daughter? Does ‘the peace rose’ offer them healing? Find out the answers in the enthralling family drama of “The Peace Rose.”

Published 23 August 2022

379 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book

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e-book Hopkins - Everybody's Life is a Hero's Journey cover.jpg

'Everybody's Life is a Hero's Journey'
by June Hopkins

A Collection of Short Stories 

Copyedited and Published by LLOYD MOSS publishing

The stories, characters and situations in this collection are eclectic, stimulating and uplifting. The title "Everybody's Life is a Hero's Journey" reflects June's belief that, when we look closely, no lives are ordinary. We are all on the hero's path even though some of us stray off it from time to time. The thread loosely connecting the different stories is an underlying message about overcoming adversity in one situation or another.

Most of June's short stories are for adult readers but the children have not been forgotten. June has included a few of the delightful stories she has written for children.

Published 10 June 2022

243 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book

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E-book cover - The Belly of the Whale 26.5_edited.jpg

'The Belly of the Whale' by Lynette Lloyd Moss 

A Collection of Short Stories 

Copyedited and Published by LLOYD MOSS publishing

The ten stories in this collection are about women confronting difficulties in their lives and having to make choices in pressure-cooker situations. The dominant themes are: 

  • love/hate relationships within families 

  • the nature of revenge and how its tentacles can wrap around us 

  • the power and redemptive qualities of friendship 

  • the randomness of people and events 

As they confront the headwinds and hardships in their lives, the women featured in "The Belly of the Whale" discover they are more capable and resourceful than they would have ever imagined.

Published 31 March 2022

227 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book

'Download 'Black Stilettos' - short story

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Paperback cover - Ludwig Leichhardt - 26.5_edited.jpg

'Ludwig Leichhardt'
By Darcy Lloyd

The Man. The Legend.

Copyedited and Published by LLOYD MOSS publishing

To understand Leichhardt, the man, we must begin with Ludwig, the boy.  His father was highly influential and encouraged Ludwig to read, to be diligent, to love nature and to value knowledge above all things. 

Leaving everything he loved behind, the young Leichhardt embarks alone for the colony of New South Wales. In this book, we follow his progress, setbacks, disputes and triumphs in his successful first expedition and his failed second expedition. 

What happened to the man they called "the Doctor"? He and his men and animals disappeared into the unknown continent, leaving barely a trace. Their fate became one of the great unsolved mysteries of European settlement of Terra Australis.  

This enthralling new book on Leichhardt reveals him to be a visionary, a man so single-minded and determined that he would allow nothing to stand in his way of realising his great plan. 

Published 16 March 2022

215 pages 

Available in paperback and e-book

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