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You have poured your talents, time and creativity into writing a book.  How important is it to you to get it 'right'?  Even if you don’t expect your book to sell thousands of copies, you realise the importance of quality and accuracy including the mechanics of spelling, grammar and syntax.  These are all key elements for your book to gain recognition and credibility and lots of satisfied readers.

For example, let's say you have written a family history with a length of 38,000 words which you intend to publish as a book for your family members now living and those yet to be born. One of them picks up your book for the first time, thinking “What’s this all about?”  But on the second page, she strikes two errors or omissions.  Turning the pages, she finds more errors and the book continues to deteriorate in its accuracy and quality.  The questions arise:  will she keep on reading?  Or will the frequent errors cast doubt on the competence of the writer and the credibility of its contents? 

When you engage a professional editor for your writing project and gain their input at the appropriate stage, you will produce a book which is high quality and error-free, one that will reflect well on you as its creator. 

A one-size editing solution will not suit every writing project.  At LLOYD MOSS publishing, we take a flexible approach and assess the editing services required, in conjunction with you, taking into account the genre, word count, the complexity and current condition of the text.

LLOYD MOSS publishing offers a range of editorial services from our comprehensive Developmental Editing, to our detailed Copy Editing and last, but by no means least, our scrupulous Proofreading.  Please find overviews of these offerings below:

Developmental Editing

It encompasses the full suite of editing services, with the exception of the final proof reading. 

Covers all macro and micro aspects of manuscript appraisal, structural elements and copy-editing, together with corrections and suggested modifications. 

Our Developmental editor will provide feedback in writing on all areas of your work, including:

  • Authorial voice

  • Storytelling arc

  • Writing style and quality

  • Character development

  • Tense

  • Pace

  • Sentence structure

  • Sequence of events

  • Loose ends in the plot

  • Suspense (if appropriate)

  • Vocabulary choices

  • Readability

  • Beginnings

  • Conclusions

  • Realistic dialogue

  • Active v passive voice

  • Imagery

  • Consistency of tone and tense

  • Use of literary devices (metaphor, simile)

  • Cliché

(N.B. Includes all the copy-editing components of grammar, punctuation, spelling, factual accuracy, consistency.)


If your manuscript is well-structured and contains no major flaws, our recommendation will likely be copy editing.  The focus of copy-editing is the micro level, placing emphasis on correct English expression, grammar and syntax. 

Our copy-editor is looking for and correcting:

  • Spelling errors

  • Incorrect word choices

  • Punctuation errors and/or omissions

  • Grammar errors

  • Sentence structure (syntax)

  • Factual accuracy

  • Overuse of certain words and phrases

  • Inconsistencies (in names, numbers, abbreviations and acronyms)

  • People and events out of sequence

  • Gaps in the story line

  • Repetition

  • Formatting mistakes


The countdown to publication is on!  It is time for a final check of your book before the “Print” button is pressed.  Even though you have engaged a copy editor to go through your manuscript and he has found what must be EVERYTHING, a few blips and slip-ups will remain in your manuscript. 

Sometimes these errors are introduced into the manuscript during the production process after the copy editor and author have made their corrections and changes.  For example, sections can be missed out of chapters; chapters placed in the wrong order; and page numbers in the table of contents may not accord with the page numbers in the book.

Our proofreader examines the proof pages received from the publisher and makes the necessary corrections for:

  • Typos

  • Line spacing errors

  • Lines/pages with a single word or sentence

  • Missing sections

  • Inconsistent fonts

  • Inconsistent spelling and punctuation

  • Inappropriate grammar usage

  • Formatting discrepancies

  • Incorrect sequencing of chapters and sections

  • Stray punctuation marks

  • Numbers not matching in the text and table of contents

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