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LLOYD MOSS publishing has a mission to build your self-assurance and skills as a writer and to support you to become a self-published author.  You may have already published your work or you may be an emerging writer or you may have only recently given serious thought to your writing.  

It starts with one word.  It is humbling and reassuring to remember that every book ever written started with one word written on animal skin (vellum), on parchment, on paper or on a screen.

Whether fiction or non-fictionLLOYD MOSS publishing will be delighted to assist you through the various writing processes and the preparation of your manuscript for publishing by:

  • Planning and getting started

  • Developing your writing skills

  • Appraising your manuscript

  • Editing and proofreading 

  • Self-publishing your book

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What We Do

Think.  Write.  Publish.

LLOYD MOSS publishing is an author services consultancy offering practical support and services to enhance your writing skills; to edit and proofread your manuscript; and to design and publish your work as a high-quality book.  

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        Writing Services

    Always Learning and Growing

Always to be learning and growing as a writer is the antidote to being caught in the same old habits of thinking and writing which can lead to stagnation. 

Writers are craftspeople who must go to their wells of creativity and draw up fresh water.  They take up and use their tools and techniques of words, sentence structure, imagery, storytelling, shock, awe and suspense (to name only a few) and learn and apply new ones.  

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          Editing Services

               Flexible and Cost-Effective

You have poured your talents, time and creativity into writing your own book. You realise that your writing quality, consistency and accuracy are key elements for your book to garner the credibility and approval it deserves. 

Discover how our editorial services will be beneficial in producing a high-quality, error-free book which you will be proud to call your own.

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  Self-Publishing Services

Expert Guidance and Support

In recent years, self-publishing has undergone a revolution to become an affordable, convenient and respected option for writers.  The growth of this form of publishing is due to the availability of publishing software programs and the ever-expanding use of digital and internet technologies.  

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