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LLOYD MOSS publishing is an author services consultancy working with writers to bring their work to fruition. You will hold your book in your hands, turn its pages and feel the joy of achieving your goal. 

Our commitment to you is always to keep you informed as we provide you with the skills, solutions and support you will need to become a published author. 

There are many kinds of writers. You may have already published your work or you may be an emerging writer or you may have only recently given serious thought to your writing. Have you written a family history? Perhaps you would like to publish some poems, stories, letters or a memoir of a loved one who has passed on? Our name for this is 'legacy publishing,' and it is lovely thing to do for yourself and your family.

Whether fiction or non-fictionLLOYD MOSS publishing will be delighted to assist you with the preparation of your manuscript for publication. 

Drop us a line via the contact form hereunder. We look forward to receiving your message and promise to reply promptly. 

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What We Do

LLOYD MOSS publishing offers practical support and services to edit your manuscript and design and self-publish your work as a high-quality paperback and e-book. 

Our Guarantee 

LLOYD MOSS publishing does not employ any AI software (such as ChatGPT) or editing software (such as Grammarly, ProWriting Aid) or specialised editing software (such as Perfecit) in our editing practice. If you engage us, you can be assured that we exclusively use our human knowledge, experience and skills. We work primarily in MS Word and use its spellcheck and grammar check which we quite often disagree with and reject its suggestions. We always overlay our writing and editing expertise over its responses. 

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          Editing Services

               Flexible and Cost-Effective

You have poured your talents, time and creativity into your writing. Its quality, consistency and accuracy are key elements for your book to garner approval from reviewers and, most importantly, readers. 

Discover how our editorial services will be beneficial in producing a high-quality, error-free book which you will be proud to call your own.

Click the button below to find out more about the editing services offered by LLOYD MOSS publishing.

Ready to Get Published

  Self-Publishing Services

Expert Guidance and Support

In recent years, self-publishing has undergone a revolution to become an affordable, convenient and respected option for writers.  The growth of this form of publishing is due to the availability of publishing software programs and the ever-expanding use of digital and internet technologies.  

Click the button below to find out more about the self-publishing services offered by LLOYD MOSS publishing.

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