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Writing Consultation

As writers, we willingly put ourselves into solitary confinement for part of the day and night. And that is OK because we love it! Admittedly there are a few drawbacks to this solitary work environment. For instance, writers do need the stimulation and support of others around them. We need an outlet to express our hopes and frustrations; people to bounce our ideas off, to discuss our work with and to gain their constructive feedback. (Incidentally, these are among the benefits of joining and participating in an active writers’ group.)

But what about when we are up against set-backs and obstacles in our writing? This is when we require intensive one-on-one consultations, practical solutions and expert guidance. Some examples:

  • When you feel ‘lost’ and indecisive about the choices you have to make and how to proceed

  • When you feel ‘stuck’ and your writing is not flowing as it usually does

  • When you cannot shake off the doubts about your writing abilities

  • When you feel as if you are going around in circles, revising and tinkering, but not making progress

  • When you feel like quitting and going off to do something easy like crochet

We have all been there! You can break the impasse and raise your clarity, motivation and energy levels.  You can achieve your writing goals!  Reach out to LLOYD MOSS publishing and arrange your one-hour Writing Consultation which, depending on your location, is held in person, on the telephone or via Zoom. 

Manuscript Appraisal

There are a number of significant limitations when it comes to evaluating our own writing.  In essence, we are our writing and it is impossible for any writer to step back and gain a clear perspective on their own writing. This is the reason why many editors recommend that writers lock their completed manuscript up for a period of time.  Some editors suggest a three-month interval which is a long time for any writer to leave their 'book baby' in a drawer, untouched.

Many writers want to finish writing their last sentence and make their revisions before they arrange for an appraisal of their fiction or non-fiction manuscript. 

An alternative point at which to undertake a manuscript appraisal is when your work is partially completed.  As an example, for a book estimated to come in at 90,000 word-length, we would recommend having it appraised at 25,000 to 30,000 words. If any major issues are found, it is time-effective and cost-effective for the writer to catch and correct them at this earlier stage of the manuscript.

A Manuscript Appraisal provides a general overview of what is working well and what is not working well in your manuscript.  What do you want to keep?  And what do you want to clarify, add, change, move or cull?  The appraisal editor looks at many aspects of the writing, including:

  • Will your reader be engaged from the outset, and want to keep reading?

  • Is your writing style appropriate for the genre?

  • The structural elements of plot, character development, point of view.

  • Is the book going to be too long?

  • Are the chapters too long or too short?

  • What are the blind spots?

  • Are there any gaps and dead-ends in character development and plot?

  • Is the story well-paced?

  • For fiction writers, are you showing rather than telling?

  • Do your closing and closing paragraphs excite and satisfy the reader?

  • For those authors aiming for commercial success, are there any issues crying out to be addressed?

Our Manuscript Appraisal includes a written report highlighting the issues, giving examples from the text and incorporating practical suggestions for consideration.  Ultimately it is up to you, the writer, to decide whether or not to take up our suggestions.  The Appraisal report is presented and discussed with you at a one-hour Writing Consultation (which is included in this service offering.)

In order to provide you with a firm quotation for a Manuscript Appraisal, a copy of your partial or full manuscript is required beforehand. 

Writing Coaching

Writing Coaching is a practical and effective resource for authors to prioritise and implement new approaches, skills and techniques successfully in their writing.  Your writing coach provides ongoing support and keeps you motivated and accountable for making the agreed changes and for reaching your goals. 

In addition, your writing coach delivers regular, relevant feedback as well as positive reinforcement as you make progress.

Get in touch with LLOYD MOSS publishing on the form below.  Tell us a bit about your writing and where you are up to with it. We promise to get back to you promptly.

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